About RFF

We are a family-owned and operated business, dedicated to healthy organic gardening.

Many consider our fertilizer products as "gourmet" quality, but in reality we feel they are simply healthy . . . and we think that's what growing healthy veggies, fruits and flowers is all about. We do not have fertilizer blends like most other companies sell; you will never find bone meal or blood meal or chicken meal or bat guano nor crushed rocks or unpronounceable chemical names in our truly "organic" fertilizer. We specialize in mealworm castings. Our patented products are approved by vegetarians around the world.

Our pure mealworm frass powder is very light, and therefore very strong per weight. (NPK is 4-3-2) in addition to having 15 all natural micro-nutrients, our products are actually one of the only natural microbial fertilizers you can find with over 75 million parts per gram! It is therefore, an all natural, quick growing, healthy BIO-FERTILIZER.

We are a small company in southern California that is dedicated to making your fruits and produce as healthy as possible. We have a patent on our liquid fertilizer concentrate (not a weak tea) that when mixed with five parts of water makes a supercharged plant foliar spray that feeds the plant thru its leaves and stem all the way to its roots! Our concentrated liquid fertilizer is also a natural pest and mold deterrent when mixed with three parts of water. Our patented pelletized product when used alone, works extremely well on grass and lawns and trees. We mix this wonderful time-release organic product with our powder for all growing applications and call it VEGGIE MIX. The original mealworm powder is our famous QUICK-GRO and our liquid concentrate we call LIQUID GRO.

In addition to a strong NPK of 4-3-2 Rainbow Farms Fertilizer contains 100% natural 100% pure micro nutrients that your soil needs: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potash, Potassium, Copper, Calcium, Zinc, Manganese, Iron, Boron, Sulfate, Sodium, Bicarbonate and Molybdenum. We are the only fertilizer company that proudly lists its laboratory reports on all of our products - Our products do not contain fillers or hormones nor antibiotics or steroids carried by other "organic" brands.