Friday, October 9, 2015


 Christmas is near and few think about planting or fertilizer . . . except in California and the South. Here's a fertilizer story you all will like!
Years ago, we were given a small, potted Poinsettia plant (like many of us are) and after the Holidays my wife didn't want to throw it out, but plant it in the side yard, which she did. The first few years it struggled to stay alive in the overall clay soil we have so I occasionally gave it a dose of our 50-50 Veggie Mix. The next season it was big and healthy! As the following season as well. It has been several years and now this little Poinsettia plant has taken over our side yard (its cut back to a stub every Spring) This year it's over TEN FOOT TALL!!
Did you know that the Rainbow Farms Fertilizer 50-50 Veggie/Plant grow is 100% organic - and a bio-fertilizer as well? Great on anything that grows and healthy too!