Thursday, September 10, 2015


More than 24 states now allow medical cannabis users to purchase or grow their own plants for significant health reasons. 
Most marijuana co-ops however, buy and sell this medicine with little concern to how it was actually grown!
Many marijuana growers that supply these medical co-ops  are still using synthetic fertilizers to garner large plants for higher profits. Additionally, pesticides are used more often than not. LOTS of pesticides!

RAINBOW FARMS FERTILIZER has produced a safe, healthy fertilizer for medical patients  whom wish for 'clean' medication without the health threat of pesticides or toxic elements contained in the fertilizer. As a matter of fact, a majority of our web site sales are of our "CANNABIS GRO" dry fertilizer and our "LIQUID GRO CONCENTRATE" for both indoor and outdoor growing. Diluted one to four parts of water, LIQUID GRO is used as a foliar spray. In the event that pests or mold is seen beginning, a dilution of one to three parts of water safely eliminates this problem. Inhaling or ingesting a variety of toxins and steroids with your medication is to be avoided. Use Rainbow Farms Fertilizer for a truly healthy grow!