Friday, September 18, 2015


Vermicomposting and Compost Tea
The term “vermicomposting” verses regular composting simply means the use of worms rather than ‘normal’ composting which is:
In North America, "anaerobic composting" generally means using cow, steer and chicken manure in addition to cuttings, unused food and just about anything else found lying around that is an organic source.
Vermicomposting for most gardeners is the use of red worms in addition to lawn clippings and organic  garbage. A new fad is using compost tea, which is the drippings from an elevated compost pile or container.

Compost teas are defined as water extracts brewed from composted materials and can be derived from aerobic or anaerobic processes. Compost teas are generally produced from adding one volume of compost to 4-10 volumes of water, but there has also been debate about the benefits of aerating the mixture. Field studies have shown the benefits of adding compost teas to crops due to the adding of organic matter, increased nutrient availability and increased microbial activity. They have also been shown to have an effect on plant pathogens.

Gardeners that like the results and physical activity necessary to produce compost tea, should know that the nutrient levels that red wiggler worms produce, even when household and garden scraps are used is quite low.
Rainbow Farms Fertilizer from mealworms (which is not a worm at all) is proven to have 300% more nutrients than red wiggler compost and contains over 75 MILLION bacteria per gram (QUICK GRO brand) which are the microorganisms that create needed soil/plant nutrients.
Rainbow Farms Fertilizer maintains a patent on LIQUID GRO which is a concentrated liquid fertilizer that contains over 100 times the nutrients found in compost teas (and you don’t have to do all that work!)
Many compost gardeners add our LAWN & GARDEN mealworm time-release pellets to their compost piles to get adequate nutrients for their soil and plants.

As our products are 100% natural and 100% organic, there are no worries to vegetarians and those wanting healthy crops.