Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The organic difference

By Greg Martin
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Organic Producers and home gardeners alike are always on the lookout for safe ways to get bigger and better produce. A new product just on the market shows some incredible promise in providing quality returns with zero impact on the land. Joe Caro with Rainbow Farms says their new fertilizer is a 100% natural product from the castings of meal worms.

CARO: In doing my research I found that even in the other "organic fertilizers" or worm fertilizers that are derived from worm castings, general earthworms are fed just about every thrown away thing you can imagine, and some things I won t even mention are put in the pile.

The product doesn' t change nor does the healthy composition of it because they re continually fed the same amount of food and the highest quality of food in order to produce the highest quality of fertilizer.

Unlike most fertilizers, the natural meal worm castings are safe for use around pets and kids and have no odor. Caro says the product is really easy and versatile to use.

CARO: The applications are simple. You open up the tub you take a teaspoon out and you spread it around spread it around it around your flowers and then you mix it into the soil. You can even make a tea out of it. We find that soaking one part of Rainbow Farms Fertilizer into 5 parts of non-chlorinated water and stirring it up a bit and leaving it over night you can just pour it directly onto your plants and or vegetables and it ll just grow them like you won t believe.

That' s today 's Line On Agriculture. I m Greg Martin on the Northwest Ag Information Network.